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Rental Documents

Rental Documents

Rental Application

Complete this online form to apply for a house or apartment. Please call our office to check your approval status.

Co-Signer Agreement Form

All co-signers must complete this form. All applicants are required to have a co-signer or pay their portion of the entire year’s rent upfront.

Sample Lease

Ninety percent of the terms in our lease agreements are the same from one lease to another. Rent amounts, lease start/end dates, utilities, etc. are some unique differences. Use the sample lease to review our common terms. Refer to the specific property details advertised on our website to review each property’s unique differences.

Request to Advertise for Sublease

If you would like to advertise for a sub-tenant on our website, please complete this form. 

Sublease Agreement

A Sublease Agreement is required by CCM when subleasing your house/apartment/bedroom. A completed copy signed by both you and your sub-tenant must be turned in to our office before the start of your sublease term.

NOTE: CCM does NOT allow subleases for an entire year.

Forwarding Address Form (Security Deposit Agent Use Only)

A forwarding address must be provided by the security deposit agent before moving out. The address provided is where the security deposit refund will be mailed at the end of the lease term. If a forwarding address is not provided, CCM is required to return the security deposit to the last known address.

Parking Application

Annual parking leases are available (Aug-Aug) behind The Hub and 131 Bogue Street.